Piano Power: Authentic Cadences In Minor Keys

By Richard Prokop, Greenacres Press, Inc. [12-15-2002]

Note: The following is an interactive article requiring the use of Finale 2002 or Finale Notepad. Finale Notepad may be downloaded for free from CodaMusic at: www.codamusic.com/coda/np.asp. For further instructions about downloading and viewing files in this article, see: Reprinted Cadences and a Free Finale Notepad Download.

If we construct triads on each step of any natural minor scale, the result is a sequence of chords that contains a minor V chord. The corresponding v-i authentic cadence, (common between the Renaissance and Baroque eras in Europe), was gradually replaced by a cadence in which the V chord is major. (See example 1.)

For an assignment,

* Listen to the following authentic cadences.

* Print out the file and practice playing them in all keys until it is easy to do.

* Rewrite all of the cadences on a sheet of manuscript paper. As with languages, the writing of music will enhance your ability to read it more easily.

* Read pp.49-51 of my book Piano Power for valuable information on the bio-mechanics of playing chords.

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