Ed Alkalay - Turning Dorian Gray

By Michael Allison [04-18-2002]

Artist: Ed Alkalay (www.edalkalay.com)
Title: Turning Dorian Gray
Genre: Acoustic/Americana/Folk

Ed Alkalay reminds me of a cross between Jim Croce and Cat Stevens with a depth that outdoes both. His sound is a classic Americana sound that is so refreshing that it makes you wonder where this music has been hiding. I get the chance to hear far more folk/Americana styles than I would care to, and most are rehashed versions of the previous ones. Ed seems to have taken into account that music should be more personal than what some people want to make it. That is probably why this album stands out from the others.

Though I'm not really a fan of most folk based music, I don't have a problem listening to Ed Alkalay. This is very good music with lyrics that are burning with deep and raw emotion. To me, that's real music. This album is certainly worth the time to listen.

The Rundown
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