Sites Of Your Favorite Artists

By Russell Kibbee [01-10-2001]

Artists have quickly discovered the power of an online presence. Early on, the Internet was a place where artists could communicate with their fans, build loyal followings, and make some money on the side. You can take advantage of this by visiting these particularly creative sites.

Step 1: The granddaddy of music sites
Back in the ancient Internet times (1997), the Beastie Boys started a revolution with their site ( It offered full-length song downloads of their concerts (that were not available in stores) and other cool things.

Step 2: Was the site successful?
It was wildly successful! Their popularity began rising exponentially as college students and other computer fanatics began to download and hear the innovative songs. But, their record label became very upset and the songs had to go. The site is still one of the most innovative out there.

Step 3: Get to the site and enter
Go to and check out the navigation icons across the top. The look and feel of this site change often, but it is always intuitive. To hear a short cut of each album, click on the cover (itís really short).

Step 4: Get lyrics to all the songs
You can get the lyrics to every song they have released. Just click on "lyrics" to get to the page and select an album on the left side of the page. Then scroll down through the songs to get to the one you want. So simple, yet so cool.

Step 5: See the Boys in action
The Beastie Boys have had a wild and interesting history. Click on "Timeline" to check out the many events over the years. Select a year by clicking the desired date on the left. This site will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the Beastie Boys.


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