Sparkle Jets UK - Sampler
Crab Apple Records

By Ben Ohmart [08-05-2000]

Artist: Sparkle Jets UK (
Title: Sampler
Label: Crab Apple Records (
Genre: Rock/Pop

This is a very depressing cd sampler/single. For some bands you must look for the positive within, and push that in your opinion. For others, the bands/artists are good, and it's easier to find keen things to say. Bands go thru all the trouble of recording and sending you something, shouldn't the reviewer try to be a little helpful?

Well, then there are bands in the Sparkle Jets UK vein of musicianship, composition skills and production. All I can say is I'm ashamed I've never heard of this super rock/pop group. I can't believe it. I thought cream rises to the top. Then why haven't I heard these people before?!?

First, 'She's My Fave' has great guitars and voices. The male and the female blend into a power pop version of something Richard O'Brien might've written for Shock Treatment. Then 'Real Nice Time' makes a chorus of the 1 female singer, overdubbed in a smart-ass, completely wonderful rock rant, supported in the back by 'bah b-bah bahhhhhh' guys. Consciously or not stealing one of the more solid licks from The Who's Tommy, '10 Inches' rocks in some undisclosed way. Not sure what the words mean without a lyric sheet, but the playing is just (insert cool word). Each song they develop paints a specific dramatic picture, and the blend of male and female voices gives it more of an urgency than a sole complainer.

The saddest thing for all you people will be that there are only 4 songs on this sampler. A mere 11 minutes. If you're reading this, my little Sparkles, please send me or MusicDish everything you do in the future. Hell, you can write your own friggin' rave reviews and I'll just sign them. I hope you all grow up to be top of the heap, kings and queens of France, and the brightest roses in the dung heap.


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